October wrap up

It’s been another slow reading month for me. I’ve managed to read two books, and almost finish a third (I’ll probably be done by the time the month is officially over.) For someone who set a reading goal of 100 books for the year, or roughly 8 books per month, this is flat out embarrassing. Is it possible to burn out on hobbies you love? The answer is yes.

The Final Empire, the first book in the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, has managed to pull me out of my book slump, but I’m still not reading at the rate I would like to be. I could blame this on a lot of things – busyness being the primary excuse – but I think I’m just tired. I set a lot of lofty goals for myself without planning out time or energy to dedicate to those goals. I wanted to make headway on my tbr, write more reviews, post more often, read and promote more ARCs, and grow my platforms on Instagram and this blog enough to feel like it’s all worth it. I don’t really have a solution for my problem yet, so if anyone has experienced this, I would be happy to hear about it. I keep telling myself that after this last semester of grad school, I’ll be able to dedicate more time to the things I love doing, and maybe that will actually be true.

For now, I’ll continue to check out library books and not read them, and I will gaze longingly at the books on my shelf I “don’t have time to read.”

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