Yearly wrap up: 2019

Welcome to my first yearly wrap up of my blog! Overall, I had a great reading year, despite a few slumps. I was finishing up my last year of grad school and still managed to read a lot, even though it felt like I wasn’t reading “enough.” This is a great example of how I can be unnecessarily hard on myself, because I ended up reading 78 books. I read some great ones, which is reflected in my 4.1 average star rating, and discovered some new favorites. As a lover of quantifiable progress, I made a few charts to help me recap my reading year.

A significant portion of my fantasy reading for last year was my Harry Potter re-read, but 2019 was also the year I discovered Brandon Sanderson and vowed to read everything he has ever written. I’m interested to see what the breakdown will look like next year. Also, I originally had general fiction separated into “contemporary” and “literary,” but that felt elitist and weird, so I ended up grouping them together. In general, if I had trouble determining what genre a book fell into, I checked Goodreads to see what it had been shelved as the most often. It’s probably not the most accurate approach, but otherwise I would have been forever paralyzed by indecision.

I’m wondering if I was too generous with my star ratings last year. I even went back and downgraded some five star books to four star books, and now I’m thinking I should have downgraded some four star books to three stars. Maybe the real problem is that my star rating system is wildly inconsistent and I need to establish a stricter rubric.

And finally, the graph that ignites the most angst inside me. September and October were such rough reading months for me. Not only was I working on classes, but I also transitioned to a new job with an unpredictable schedule, which totally disrupted any habits I had actually formed. I also blame the beginning of my reading slump on Stephen Chbosky’s Imaginary Friend. I was loving the book up until I figured out where Chbosky was taking the story, and then I started to get worried. By the last 200 pages or so (this is an absolute tome), I was clicking through on my Kindle faster than I could actually read the pages because I just wanted it to be over with.

Check out my posts on the worst books of 2019 and my favorites of 2019 for more on my year in reading!

Here’s to more reading in 2020!

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