How to read more in 2020

This is going to be your year. This is the year you will finally reach your highest reading goals, and you can lord it over your other bookish friends. Even your friends who don’t care about books (are they really your friends?) will be in shock and awe when you casually mention that you read 350 books this year. You don’t mind that, when asked, you can’t remember many of the titles, and you can’t even identify a favorite out of the veritable mountain of text you have conquered.

But none of that matters. You reached your goal! And numbers. are. everything. So – here’s how you can read more this year.

1. Listen to audiobooks.

You are the best at multitasking. You do it all the time! It only makes sense to listen to an audiobook while completing other tasks. Hell, go ahead and put on an audiobook while catching up on your favorite tv show. If you get distracted, it’s fine because you’ll probably figure out the plot by the time you get to the end. Even if you don’t, it’s not a big deal. Just log those stats!

2. Schedule time to read.

You are a goal oriented person, and your goal is to read those books. Instead of making plans to see a movie or try a new restaurant, make plans with yourself to stay home on the couch and host your own personal read-a-thon over the weekend. If you schedule this time with yourself, you can make it a habit! Every evening and weekend should be dedicated to achieving your goals. You don’t need friends, anyway.

3. Try a new format.

Ebooks are magical, and one of the great things about reading a book on your phone is that you can do it anywhere! At the end of a long day at work, you want nothing more than to get cozy in bed, turn out the light, and stare at another screen. If you change your phone’s settings to night mode, it’s almost like you’re actually sleeping. Try this for a few nights and see how many books you can get through. The bonus here is that you won’t be bothering your sleeping partner by keeping the light on!

4. Read multiple books at a time.

One of the best ways to avoid a book slump is to read a variety of genres. Some people even read multiple genres of books at a time. You will become this person. The more books you read at a time, the more you can accomplish, right? If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even try reading multiple formats all at once. Go ahead and put on an audiobook, swipe by pages on your phone, and flip through a tome on your lap. Just think about your coworkers’s faces when you get to tell them that you read three books yesterday.

The main takeaway here is to remember that reading is not about learning or entertainment. If you find joy in reading, you’re doing it wrong. Your goals should be purely quantitative in order to be the most effective. If you follow these simple tips, books will be marching through your hands like parts on an assembly line.

Good luck, and happy reading.

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